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Expression of Pleasure or Contentment

 ..... Macro Minded Meals by BFG

Mmm (pronounced similar to Ermm or Umm) is an interjection commonly used in English as an "Expression of Pleasure or Contentment." 

Introducing Macro Minded Meals by BFG

Prepared and packaged meals designed with your nutrition in mind, available for pickup or local delivery!

Our Macro Minded Meals can help you maintain your health and fitness goals by taking the guess work out of what you are eating and by doing the work for you! Best of all, you still get to have Blue Fish food!! Meal prep, done. Calculating, done. Flavor, done.

There is no reason to not eat food you love when keeping things in check to love yourself!  


What are Macro Minded Meals?

Now... what are you eating today?


Meal Prep...DONE!

Healthy, Fresh, Tasty!

Real food, prepared fresh with portion control and balance in mind. Each meal is created to give you a balanced amount of protein, carbs and fats. We try to focus on what we put IN our meals, not what we leave OUT! 

No need to eat boring chicken breast with bland vegetables to eat "clean", no need to eat egg white after egg white to get your protein in! 


Keep track of your macros

and easily hit your goals.

Regardless of what your macro nutrient needs are, our meals can help you keep track of what you are eating.  All of the ingredients are carefully measured and calculated taking the guess work out. Most are gluten free and dairy free too!

Listed for each meal is all of the macro nutrient information, allergy labels, ingredient list, heating recommendations and we even give you some fun facts about the food!


Now you have more time to do what you like!

New year, new you? Spend your time doing the things you want, not in the kitchen! Currently we are offering 3 pick up days: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Most of our meals will stay fresh, refrigerated, for up to 4-5 days! All meals are prepped and packed to maintain ultimate freshness to last you the week! All foods are fully cooked and are able to be enjoyed directly out of the container cold, as is, or reheated as desired. 


Nutrition Info



Real food. Real ingredients.

Each meal is different with different nutritional values. We try to keep to a general balance of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat.  Generally each meal is between 300 - 500 calories. We try to incorporate healthy fats where needed such as avocado, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, or naturally occurring fats in proteins. Every calorie counts towards good nutrition, so we try to maximize each one without sacrificing flavor. After all, these meals are created and made by us here at BFG, and you know BFG does not want to make bland food! Everyone's nutrition needs are different, we recommend talking to a nutritionist to find out what that means for you, and then you can wisely incorporate our meals into your daily needs. 



Our meals are a flat rate of $15 each. If you spend $75 or more you can apply a $5 off coupon code at check out! coupon code: GET5GET5 

Delivery to flemington local area only is $10 or if your order is over $100 delivery is free. 

Pickup at Blue Fish for no charge.


Ordering process

All meals must be ordered ahead of time, they are not available for same day pickup. Currently we are offering pickups for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. So, orders for Wednesday pickup must be placed by 8am Tuesday, orders for Thursday pickup must be placed by Wednesday 8am, orders for Friday must be placed by 8am Thursday and orders for Saturday pickup must be placed by Friday 8am. When  you place your order you will select the desired day for pickup.

Orders are placed directly thru this website with secure credit card payment. You select the meals you would like and add them to your cart, adjust the quantity of each meal as desired. Once you have what you want in your cart you will proceed to checkout. Please acknowledge our policies, then proceed to payment. 


Pick up and delivery

Once your order has been recieved you will get a confirmation email. This will confirm your pick up date and time. Pickups are available at Blue Fish Grill anytime between 11am and 8pm Wednesday-Saturday. When you arrive for pickup just call the number posted outside the restaurant, provide your order information (last name or order number) and someone will bring it right out to you! We do offer delivery to the flemington area only (08822 zip codes), Delivery charge is $10, but if you spend $100 or more we will delivery it for free. If you have opted for delivery,  your delivery window time will be in your confirmation email. Please be sure that someone is available to receive the delivery, otherwise it will be returned to Blue Fish and you will be responsible for pickup. 

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What are you eating this week?

Policies, Statements and Declarations

  • Nutritional Information provided is calculated to the best estimated numbers. It is not exact, and we recommend you utilize these numbers as estimates The nutrition information has not been legally certified by any outside sources. Our processes and procedures have been monitored and reviewed by a certified nutritionist. 

  •  All foods are fully cooked and ready to eat. We recommend that you refrigerate your meals immediately upon receiving them. We are not responsible for the manner in which you refrigerate or reheat your meals, for that reason are not responsible for spoiled, expired, or otherwise mistreated meals after you have received them. All meals are guaranteed fresh for a minimum of 2 days if refrigerated properly. Any rare Tuna meals should be consumed within 2 days of receiving. Other meals will remain fresh up to 4 days from receiving them. 

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