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Teriyaki Bowl

Teriyaki Bowl

Your selected protein with a terunagi glaze * and sesame seeds over jasmine rice salad with scallions, carrots, and kafir lime leaf. Served drizzled with a little chinese mustard vinaigrette and sweet soy.

*see fun facts section

  • Macro Info

    (Nutrtional Information is based on raw weight totals)

    Substitute brown rice = add 10g carbs






    Protein Carbs  Fats    



    412 46 47 4



    471 38 47 14



    368 35 47 4


    Steak (4oz)

    549 35 47 24


    Thigh (6oz)

    469 33 47 18


    Burger (4oz)

    469 23 56 17


  • Heating Instructions

    Reheat covered (but not sealed) in microwave until desired temperature. Microwave ovens vary, but generally 2 minutes. 

    Alternatively, remove salmon and heat on sheet pan with spray in preheated 400* oven until heated thru. 

  • Fun Facts

    Our Terunagi sauce is a cross between a typical teriyaki sauce and Unagi sauce, which is the sweet brown glaze on eel sushi.... 

    thus the name Ter-unagi. 

  • Ingredient List, bowl only

    Terunagi Sauce (soy sauce, honey, sugar, fresh ginger, mirin, bonito flakes), jasmine rice, carrots, scallions, kafir lime leaf, Chinese Mustard Vinaigrette (mustard powder, vinegar, blended oil, honey, salt), sesame seeds

  • Allergy Info

    Dairy Free

    Peanut and Tree Nut Free

    Contains Gluten


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