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Blue Fish Grill

Established 2007 and still going.

Family owned and operated.


Stacy and Kelly Casanova walked into the Blue Fish Grill in July of 2007 and have never looked back. A truly family owned and operated business, the couple has grown, what was once a "shack like" quick service joint, into a bustling, casual dining restaurant and extraordinary catering business. 

Ten plus years ago Blue Fish Grill patrons may have seen a couple of toddlers gracing the presence of both the kitchen and the dining room, as well as Kelly working the grill with a large pregnant belly. Now those same longtime guests of Blue Fish will experience those once toddlers, now teens, greeting them at the door, bussing their tables or running their food! How time flies. 

Stacy and Kelly met while working for celebrity Chef, Wolfgang Puck, in Hollywood CA but decided to move close to family while starting their own. Much to the town's delight it was Flemington where they decided to lay down their roots, and Hunterdon County has been hungrily lapping up the benefits ever since! 

Blue Fish Grill has grown substantially (quadrupiling it's size!) since it's beginning, by moving to it's current location in the historic Stangl Factory from just a few blocks away.

A bold move fueled by ambition, fate, and lots of hard work, a once dilapitated abandoned building started the journey towards becoming the cornerstone of a new thriving business community. 

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