Who doesn't want to eat Buffalo ANYTHING while eating "healthy"??!! 

We marinated the boneless skinless chicken breast strips to make them nice and tender before bathing them in our modified version of a traditional buffalo sauce, instead of using butter we have replaced that with coconut milk, making it dairy free as well! With some roasted broccoli to soak up the last of the sauce and a fresh crisp slaw to cool it down! 

(boneless, skinless chicken breast, soy sauce, corn starch, blended oil [soybean/olive], franks hot sauce, garlic powder, cayanne, coconut milk, broccoli, fennel bulb, celery, parsley, mayo, celery seed, rice wine vinegar, salt)

Buffalo Chicken Meal

  • Total Calories: 427

    Protein: 53g (49%)

    Carbs: 20g (19%)

    Fat: 15g (32%)

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